Salon of Shame: Mischievous Fun in Seattle

Laugh along with local performers as they share their deepest, darkest secrets at Salon of Shame. Those of us with a mischievous sense of humor near AVA Queen Anne will enjoy a night of fun. Performers read aloud entries from their teenage diaries, share angsty poetry, and unrequited love letters… Read more

Geraldine’s Counter: Delicious Breakfast All Day in Seattle

Bring the whole family for a casual meal at Geraldine's Counter, just a short drive from AVA Belltown. Breakfast lovers will be happy to know the breakfast menu is available all day. You can now enjoy French toast, homemade biscuits, and specialty omelets whenever the craving hits. Pair your meal… Read more

The Root Beer Store: Soda Paradise near Avalon Bear Creek

When you're craving a creamy, refreshing root beer head over to The Root Beer Store, not far from Avalon at Bear Creek. The store is stocked with over 100 brands of root beer in addition to other sodas like orange, grape, and bacon. The business park location is perfect for… Read more

Dogwood Tavern: Neighborhood Bar and Grill in Falls Church

Locals in Falls Church near Eaves Fair Lakes have made Dogwood Tavern a popular gathering spot. The cozy and comfortable space features a working fire place with exposed brick and warm wood. The food is always tasty, no matter what you get. Watch the game with a beer and generous… Read more