Shenandoah National Park | QT Luong,Terra Galleria.

Escape to the Country in Front Royal, Virginia

Living in Arlington is an urban dream come true. The area is brimming with the hottest shops and bars. Its proximity to D.C. also makes it a great spot for nightlife and sightseeing. Still, once in awhile it’s nice to get away. Fortunately for you, countryside destination Front Royal, Virginia,… Read more

Organize Beauty Products

4 Simple Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

At AVA Burbank, we’re always ready for our close-up! If you’re like us, your beauty products can get unorganized fast, and that’s no way to live like you want! Get rid of clutter and free up space in your bathroom with these budget-friendly tips on storing your beauty products.

Fall Decorating 1

Decorating Your Avalon East Norwalk Apartment for Fall

Decorating for the holidays is a fantastic and fun way to bring friends and families together. However, with all the different back-to-back holidays and predictable motifs, holiday décor can feel a bit kitschy and overwhelming. Here are a few ways to make your seasonal decor work for your future Avalon… Read more

Memorial Park Conservaancy | Houston, TX

A Nature Retreat In the Middle of Urban Life

Memorial Park is both a historic and modern piece of Houston. Originally used as a military facility during WWII, the property known as Camp Logan was eventually purchased by the city of Houston and designated for park use. The name Memorial Park honors those who served and died during the… Read more

Opera San Jose | Angelo Lanham

A Night at the Opera in San Jose

There’s something to be said for an art form that has managed to remain relevant since the 16th century. Even in the 21st century, with so many diverse forms of media by which stories can now be told, there’s no competing with the sheer emotional impact of the opera. Aside… Read more