Turquoise paint with rollers

DIY Your Way to a Fabulous New Apartment

It’s important to check off the basic essentials when hunting for a new apartment. You go through the usual list: What’s the square footage? Is heat and hot water included? Laundry in the building? While all of this is certainly crucial, AVA Theater District has way more to offer than… Read more

organized garage shelves

Perks of Opting for a Detached Garage

If you’re living in an apartment it might seem ludicrous to assume you could get a garage on top of all of amenities and features like these. But when you join the Avalon Marlborough community, you have the option of selecting your very own detached garage. Think you don’t need… Read more

AVA Theater District Bedroom

Choosing The Right AVA Floor Plan For You

Everybody loves options, and at AVA Theater District you’ve got plenty of them! Even before signing that lease, it’s best to really assess your needs against what’s on the proverbial table. AVA is happy to be called home by bachelors out on the town, happy couples, and growing families alike…. Read more

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Spring Cleaning Tips For Residents Of Avalon Roseland

Although there might still be a chill in the air, getting started on your spring cleaning is one of the best ways to set the tone for a pleasurable living experience throughout your lease at Avalon Roseland. Whether you decide to go through old clothes you haven’t worn for years… Read more