Painting Walls

How to touch up paint so it matches

You may not realize it, but your walls can take a beating from normal day-to-day living. This doesn’t mean you’re forced to live with dings and scratches, though, as long as you learn how to properly touch them up. With the right materials and the correct technique, you can seamlessly… Read more

Fake lifehacks

How to be a discerning lifehacker

If you consider yourself a “lifehacker,” chances are good that you’re spending a lot of time scouring the Internet for the best ways to do, well, everything. And there’s a ton of useful information out there, from the best way to squeeze lemons (hint: use plastic wrap), to how to… Read more

Wall Decal

How to apply and remove wall decals

Wall decals can be a great way to liven up your space in a non-permanent way. But it’s a process; if you don’t apply them the right way, they can look less than stellar, and improper removal can damage the wall. If all this sounds daunting to you, don’t fret!… Read more

Screen Free Family Visit

How to survive a screen-free holiday family visit

The holidays all about spending time with family. But with the proliferation of electronic devices in our lives, family time can be less meaningful. All of this distraction really only serves to lower the quality of the “quality time” we are supposed to be spending with the ones we love…. Read more