Apartment Decorating

Scratched Furniture

How to cover up scratches and dents on old furniture

Nothing affects the look of a piece of furniture quite like a blemish. Whether it’s just a faint scratch, or a major dent, the eye tends to find it and focus on it, which can seriously take away from the style of any room. The guide below will help you… Read more

Innovative Art Hanging

10 Innovative ways to bring art into your home

Art is for everybody. Perhaps now more than ever, artists and art distributors alike are making it affordable for the average person to start a collection they can admire for years to come. Whether you need a jumping off point for displaying art, or just want to get more out… Read more

Visualize Interior Design

8 Great apps for visualizing interior design

If you want to revamp the look of your space, you don’t have to go it alone or hire a professional. In fact, all you may need to get started is your phone or tablet. Below are 10 apps that are fantastic for helping you see your newly designed interior… Read more

Bedroom feel like new

5 Ways to make your bedroom feel like new

Is your bedroom starting to feel stale? It happens. Every now and again, we all grow tired of the same set-up and crave something new. But it’s not like you have the time (or the money) to go out and completely revamp your room with all new stuff. What to… Read more

Creative Storage

5 Ways to create hidden storage in a tight space

Living in an apartment can be a balancing act. Creating a space that’s beautiful, comfortable, and spacious enough to store all of your things might be a challenge no matter the size of your rooms, or how many you have. It isn’t an impossible task, though. All it takes is… Read more