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Endless Party

Tips to survive the endless rotation of holiday parties

The holiday season is a wonderful chance to spend quality time with friends and family, especially those whom you may not to get to see as often. At the same time, the holidays can be draining. With all of the get-togethers and the preparations that go into them, you can… Read more

Holiday Party

Throw the perfect holiday party

Throwing a holiday party is fun, but requires quite a bit of work. The guiding rule here is to always keep your guests in mind; their happiness is your measure of success. For other tips on how to make your next holiday party perfect, check out the guide below. Give… Read more

Egg Nog

5 new twists on egg nog

Egg nog is one of those holiday favorites that you can’t reach for at just any time of the year. The availability of this creamy delight is restricted to around Christmastime, which usually means that seemingly every get-together around this time usually has it. Rather than drinking it the usual… Read more


Halloween tips for the ultimate party

With kids or without, everyone should have somewhere fun to go on this holiday. With these simple Halloween tips, your party will be the one everyone looks forward to next year! Have just a touch of the spooky Turning an apartment into a real haunted house is a lot of… Read more