Clothing Storage

Seasonal clothing storage solutions

Whether fashion or weather dictates the change, it’s time for your summer attire to retire and your autumn apparel to unfold. But in an apartment, this can get tricky, fast. Who has space to spend on clothes you won’t wear for another 6 months? These creative seasonal clothing storage solutions… Read more

Group Of Friends Watching Television At Home Together

How to tailgate in your apartment

The playoff bracket is getting narrower and it’s almost time for the Superbowl. Whether you’re having friends over for a championship or the big game, these tips will help you have the ultimate party. If you’re ordering in, remember – so is everybody else. Game day is always popular, but… Read more

Kitchen Gadget Spoon Mug Table White Brown

How to save time while cooking

We all know that cooking your own meals is a healthier alternative to going out to eat. Cooking can also be a fun yet challenging activity that can unlock your creativity in new ways. However, all of these advantages don’t take away the fact that sometimes whipping up a meal… Read more

Healthy Eating a Habit

How to make healthy eating a habit

Everyone knows the importance of eating a healthy diet, but doing so can be far from easy. Even after you’ve started to implement those changes, it can be challenge to maintain them, especially if you have a hectic schedule or find yourself in a pinch. However, there are some tips… Read more

Venice Canals

12 places in Europe you should see at least once

Whether you’re drawn to history, rollicking city life, or stunning natural scenery, Europe has it. It’s the second-smallest continent, but the diversity is what makes a trip here worth the time and expense. Deciding where to go when there’s so much to do and see can be daunting, so here… Read more