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The Stand Juice Company: Vegan Specialities Close to Avalon East Norwalk


This is your place: a cozy little cafe that proves you don’t have to include animal ingredients to serve tasty fare. The Stand Juice Company, minutes from your home in Avalon East Norwalk, serves vegan juices, yes, but it also offers you so much more. Let us start with the fresh, organic juices and smoothies; they are of course a big part of what The Stand Juice Company is known to do. Juice options include the Greenie with kale, collards, cucumber, and celery, and the Veggie includes carrot, beet, celery, and kale. Creamy smoothies are also an option and feature either soy or almond milk whirled with an array of fresh fruits and veggies. If you want a bite to eat, try one of the assortment of yummy salads on the menu, served with some flavorful house-made dressings…. Read more…

The Spread: Seasonally Inspired Dishes Not Far From Avalon East Norwalk

Posted on March 27, 2014
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You might notice that The Spread's online menu is more of a rough outline than a perfect match when compared with its in-house menu. That's because it's impossible to predict what chef Carlos Baez will prepare on a daily basis. Even he can't foresee the fresh ingredients that will be in-season and available that day—he creates with whatever Mother Nature gives him in the Norwalk area. Watch him work in his open kitchen, which is just a short drive from Avalon East Norwalk, crafting the fresh, seasonal dishes that the available ingredients allow. That could be something like crispy pork belly bites or bread slathered with goat cheese, truffle oil, and wild mushrooms. But those are just the smaller plates fit for sharing. Main plates often encompass eats such as pan-seared filet mignon, veal gnocchi, and lamb shank…. Read more…

Pick Up Dinner at Coromaldel Indian Bistro and Bring it Home to Avalon East Norwalk


Coromandel Indian Bistro first established itself on the dining scene of Darien in 2000 and thanks to its popularity, it led to the opening of numerous other locations. The Coromandel Indian Bistro in Norwalk opened in 2008, just a quick drive away from Avalon East Norwalk, and has become known as a reliable place for Indian cuisine, especially due to its lunch buffet. Coromandel's menu puts a special focus on the dishes of Southern India, which includes many vegetarian dishes that incorporate lentils, seeds, and tomatoes. But that doesn't mean that the go-to Indian favorites are forgotten. In fact, popular such as chicken tikka masala and saag paneer are among the most loved dishes at Coromandel. Regulars recommend coming for the lunch buffet, which has dozens of fresh dishes on a rotating basis. If you'd rather pick up… Read more…

You Don’t Have to Go Far From Avalon East Norwalk to Enjoy the Tapas at Tinto

Posted on February 27, 2014
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In Spain, dinner doesn't mean a heaping entree portioned for one. Spaniards like to enjoy their meals among friends, passing around small plates of food so everyone gets a taste. At Tinto, this tradition is recreated in its tapas menu.  From house-crafted empanadas with guacamole to grilled shrimp and avocado, served with a kiwi vinaigrette, the small plates often stray from Spanish cuisine, but eaters still uphold the tradition of sharing and socializing. Throw in a pitcher of sangria and the tapas experience enters a new level of authenticity.  Tinto offers more than tapas, though. Eat a wrap for lunch or dig into your own plate of Mediterranean sea bass, seafood and meat paella over saffron rice, or slow-roasted suckling pig. It all awaits just a short trip from Avalon East Norwalk. Tinto 10 Wall Street Norwalk, CT 06850… Read more…

Burger Bar and Bistro: Classic American Fare with a Modern Twist Near Avalon East Norwalk


"Frickles" might sound unfamiliar, but taste one and you'll probably realize immediately that the playful name signifies an American favorite: fried pickles. Everything chefs do at Burger Bar and Bistro displays at least a touch of whimsy because, despite their obvious talent, they don't take traditional American fare too seriously. For instance, their take on the classic milkshake is for adults only—it comes with a cocktail inspired twist. That's in addition to a comprehensive beer list. And when it comes to the food, hearty burgers such as the Ultimate come with thick slabs of applewood-smoked bacon, gorgonzola cheese, sweet onions, and an aged balsamic reduction. It's just one of several signature burgers, but you can also build your own. Either way, make sure you include an order of macaroni and cheese, fries, or the popular frickles. You can… Read more…