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Best Family Movies to Watch in the Summer

When the weather’s nice, chances are your kids are going to spend most of their days playing outside with neighborhood friends. But when the rain starts to pour or the sun sets, that’s the perfect time for a break from the sunshine. This is when you should usher your kids… Read more

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Tips to Inspire Family Reading

It’s early on a Thursday night. You and your spouse are home from work, the kids have finished their homework. You have a solid chunk of time before bed, so how do you fill it? Most families resort to the TV or computer. If you count yours among them, then… Read more

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Family Fun Guide: A Day in the Park

Even in the teensiest of towns, you’ll almost always find a local park that local families frequent, probably right alongside runners and cyclists. Is there such a park in your city? If the answer is yes—or if you can think of more than one off the top of your head—you’ve… Read more

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How to Use Your “Inside Voice”

Kids have two volumes: quiet and loud. For most children, loud wins out more often than quiet. That might not be a problem if you’re on the playground or taking a walk at the park, but when you’re confined to your apartment, an outdoor voice sounds exponentially louder. Teaching your… Read more

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Rainy Day Activities for the Whole Family

Every parent has been there: a Saturday that’s supposed to be warm and sunny—perfect playing-outside weather—suddenly turns gray and rainy. Now instead of running off their seemingly bottomless supply of energy outside, kids are cooped up indoors. It’s only a matter of time before you hear those two dreaded words:… Read more