Avalon Huntington Station

Organized Home

Keeping Your Avalon Huntington Station Place On Pace

You’ve made the decision to make Avalon Huntington Station your home – and with all there is to see and do in this town, you’re constantly reminded of how great it is to head out and explore… but are you keeping your home in line? 

Outdoor Activities in the Town of Huntington

Explore Outdoors The Huntington Way

One of Huntington’s most attractive features is its similarity to the city standard of living. Huntington Station is full of several shops, restaurants and cultural arts prospects for the community to enjoy. What most outsiders don’t realize is Huntington is also full of plenty of outdoor activities. With all of… Read more

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Events Happening in Huntington Station

One of the best things about living in Huntington is that when it comes to holidays or special times of any kind, some of the biggest celebrations on Long Island are held right here in our town – and Easter definitely falls under that umbrella!


Exploring The Real Huntington Station

While there is no substitute for the New York City lifestyle, living in Huntington Station provides many characteristics to the Big Apple not ordinarily found in the rest of Long Island. This is why most people refer to Huntington Station as the “Little Apple.”

Happy dog running | Flickr

Dog Days in Huntington Station

Looking to entertain or shop for your pooch? With a plethora of pet-friendly shops and local amenities, Huntington Station is a dog lover’s paradise. Plus, if you live in Avalon Huntington Station, their pet-friendly style of apartment living is second to none. If you live in Huntington Station, NY, here… Read more