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Upcoming Shows in San Francisco

The Knife at Melt Festival 2013 | WIkipedia

San Francisco’s the type of city where you never run out of things to do. The real problem is trying to take it all in when your job description doesn’t exactly mimic the life of a socialite. You could probably go out and every night of the week and still miss incredible shows, but that’s a pretty good problem to have.

Live Free: The Last Week’s Theme Is…

Posted on March 28, 2014
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Now that we’ve reached the end of our very own “Conclusion Cuatro” (we really don’t want to get popped by the NCAA!), it’s your last chance to win free rent for a year during the Live AVA Rent Free extravaganza. To recap, The Calm Before the Grind kicked things off with you showing us how to get jazzed for the day, followed by the epically creative Art Out Loud, and these were rounded out by the buzzworthy Bring on the Night. With tons of entries from our insanely talented residents, it’s time to end this strong. As always, a few words of inspiration from our fearless Community Manager Robert: “Mid Market is the most central location in all of SF. Bike to the Financial District for work, skate around town, or hop on BART or Muni for a… Read more…

Pet-Friendly AVA 55 Ninth

Hipster Dog

If you’ve got the best pet ever (despite their lovable flaws) or are contemplating parenthood of the furry form, you know how hard San Francisco landlords can be on residents. If it’s not outlawed outright, there’s usually a mega deposit to be reckoned with, which is a bummer given how pet-friendly this city is otherwise.

Live Free: Our Third Week’s Theme Is…

Posted on March 21, 2014
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Bring On The Night

Now that you’re nice and warmed up, it’s time for the latest Live AVA Rent Free challenge for your chance to win free rent for a year (!) at AVA 55 Ninth. Here’s a little taste of your task, in the immortal words of Robert (AVA 55 Ninth’s Community Manager): “Umm happy hour? Heck yeah! Thats usually how my friends and I like to start a great night out. One of the great things about living in our neighborhood is that you don’t have to plan everything. With so many great restaurants and bars within a one mile radius the options are endless. Zeitgeist, Blondies, and 620 Jones are three of my favorite spots to frequent. Public Works is also a good spot if you are looking to carry on into the early morning.” San Franciscans always seem… Read more…

Discover Creativity – The Top Art Galleries Near AVA 55 Ninth

Chad Hasegawa at White Walls SF

You already get that AVA 55 Ninth was designed to be a living space for creatives and anyone who appreciates the lifestyle, but living here is also a ridiculous opportunity to venture outside and explore the art scene in surrounding neighborhoods. If you’re talking about urban contemporary art in San Francisco, this location is a hotspot for inspiration, meeting artists and getting to know the scene.