Fit your workouts to your life

Fit your workout to your life – and vice versa

It can be a challenge to find time to exercise, especially if your schedule is packed. And if you’ve really hit your stride, you might find your workouts taking up more and more of your personal time, especially if you’re training for a race or other type of competition or… Read more

Smart Home

Cool benefits of having a smart home

There’s no question that the smartphone has changed the way products are made. Its ability to connect to the Internet, not to mention other devices, with ease has shaped how we interact with virtually everything in this day and age. As such, it has helped to usher in a new… Read more

non food rewards

8 Non-food rewards for meeting your fitness goals

When you finally reach your fitness goals after all those months (or even years), it can be tempting to reward yourself with a favorite food. While you certainly do deserve something to commemorate your achievement, rewarding yourself with food can lead to bad habits which can undo your hard work…. Read more

Kid Staycation

8 Last minute staycation ideas for kids

Do your children have a day off that just snuck up on you? If so, you may not have any plans to make the most of your long weekend. But that doesn’t mean fun is out of the question. Maybe you won’t be able to take a trip to some… Read more

Get Inspired Commit to fit

6 Ways to get inspired and commit to fit

At some point, everyone feels a little uninspired by the prospect of working out. But if you’re just starting to implement a fitness routine after a long break, it can feel like a massively daunting task. There are ways you can combat those feelings, though. Take a look below for… Read more