6 Books you should take with you on the trip

6 Books you should take with you on the trip

You should never go on a trip without at least one book. Chances are good you’ll have some down time, which will allow you to slow down and read. But if you’ve already exhausted your list, or are just looking for something different, consider reading something that will motivate you… Read more

6 Appropriate Thank yous for your pet sitter

6 Appropriate thank yous for your pet sitter

While you would love to be able to care for your pet all the time, it isn’t always possible. Most people just get a few hours of quality time with their pet at the end of the day. And if you work long hours or go out of town frequently,… Read more

5 Quick No-Planning Trips

5 Quick easy-planning getaways for a long weekend

If you have a busy schedule, having enough time to take a sizeable vacation seems difficult. But all that means is you have to make the most with the time you have. The next time a long weekend rolls around, don’t spend it at home. Chances are you’re just a… Read more

5 Europe Trips you can Afford

5 European destinations you can afford

Europe is known as one of the world’s top travel destinations, even though it’s not very budget-friendly. But, Europe’s reputation as an expensive place for Americans to visit is changing. Now, with more and more airlines offering increasingly inexpensive flights across the pond, people are starting to see European vacations… Read more

Buy or DIY

When to buy and when to DIY — how to make the decision

Do-it-yourself projects are only gaining in popularity, thanks to the availability of instructions on websites like Pinterest. But DIY-ing everything isn’t always the best option. Case in point: There are hashtags and entire websites dedicated to sharing so-called “Pinterest fails.” While these can be amusing, you don’t want your project… Read more