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Avalon Fashion Valley

Fish Attack Sushi House: Divine Sushi Not Far from Avalon Fashion Valley


With a name such as Fish Attack Sushi House, how could anyone not try this place at least once? Fortunately, the food is so fresh (described as the best by regular diners) that you will want to keep coming back. That's good, since Fish Attack Sushi House is conveniently located close to Avalon Fashion Valley. Don't worry, it is you who will be attacking the fish and not the other way around. A full staff is available, not only to protect you from a wayward puffer fish, but also to make menu recommendations, if you are having trouble choosing from the extensive selection. Classic sushi is available, of course, as well as sashimi, and maki offerings. Unique specialty rolls include the Sushi Pizza Roll, or The Hot Kiss Roll, a delectably spicy treat. The chefs have quick preparation… Read more…

Sweet and Savory Gourmet: Haute Sandwiches Not Far From Avalon Fashion Valley


Oven-roasted turkey, crisp wedges of Granny Smith apples, sweet cranberry mayo, and soft slices of brie pile inside the aptly named Brie sandwich at San Diego's Sweet and Savory Gourmet. Just a short trip from Avalon Fashion Valley, this sandwich shop never disappoints with its high-end take on a common lunchtime staple. Known for strikingly fresh ingredients, the most pillowy bread imaginable, and a cute, welcoming atmosphere, this sandwich shop does stray a bit from gourmet sandwiches in a few of its other dishes. You can opt for something less carb-heavy like a salad, or throw caution to the wind and order a hearty serving of potato salad or a cookie. Sweet and Savory also caters outside events, so invite its eats to your next family party, wedding, or office luncheon. Sweet and Savory Gourmet 3574 Mount Acadia… Read more…

Avalon Fashion Valley is a Short Distance From the French Cuisine of Cafe Bleu


If you want to indulge in a fine dining experience but don't want to pay fine dining prices, make a reservation at Cafe Bleu. With chef Manny Vargas at the helm, Cafe Bleu offers French-influenced dishes in a casual yet elegant setting. You'll be welcomed into the cozy dining room with an amuse bouche, which varies depending on what Vargas chooses to offer. The signature entree at this restaurant, which isn't far from Avalon Fashion Valley, is the coq au vin, which diners praise for its large portion of marinated chicken in wine sauce with large chunks of pork belly, pearl onions, and mushroom, served with au gratin potatoes on the side. Diners recommend trying Cafe Bleu for weekend brunch, when you can get bottomless mimosas for $7.95 as well as inventive dishes, such as the avocado Benedict,… Read more…

Cabrillo National Monument: History and Nature Converge Not Far From Avalon Fashion Valley


Cliffs rise majestically into the sky; tide pools ebb and flow down below; a lighthouse casts its glow on the water. These are a few of the scenes you'll encounter at Cabrillo National Monument, just a short drive from Avalon Fashion Valley. Around every corner, you'll find a new picture-worthy portrait of nature: the undulating waters of the Pacific and San Diego Bay, the octopi and sea stars sunbathing in tide pools, the lush plants that border either edge of hiking trails. And you'll experience some manmade wonders, too, such as aircraft touching down at nearby North Island Navel Station and the lighthouse interior, set up to mirror the way an actual light keeper would've lived in it. Stop in at the Visitor Center for more historical information before embarking on your exploration. Cabrillo National Monument 1800 Cabrillo… Read more…

Take Flight at San Diego Air and Space Museum Just a Short Drive from Avalon Fashion Valley


The year was 1783, and the Montgolfier brothers were about to make history. They boarded their hot air balloon and sailed into the sky. It was the first-ever manned flight.  At San Diego Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park, you can examine a model of that first hot air balloon. In fact, you can examine models of many aircraft at this museum. An exhibit dedicated to World War I showcases the different airplanes used during its battles and even explores the stories of some of their pilots. Another gallery pays homage to the aircraft or World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War, which include the Spitfire MK, Navy Helicat, and A-4 Skyhawk jet. In the Kid's Aviation Hangar, youngsters can experience the exhilaration of flight without any of the dangers thanks to a flight simulator with… Read more…