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Marian Bear Memorial Park near Eaves Rancho Penasquitos: Three Miles of Canyon Trails


The San Clemente Canyon is a landmark in San Diego, and Marian Bear Memorial Park celebrates its splendor. The park near Eaves Rancho Penasquitos boasts more than three miles of trails that skirt the upper edge of the canyon. Although it's just a short trip from the city, the park feels worlds apart thanks to the awe-inspiring views you can glimpse from the trails. More than 467 acres' worth of finger canyons, mesas, and natural space fan out from the trails. Go for a hike and explore the wilderness—but sure to wear water-friendly shoes for wading through and crossing over streams—or take your bike out on the maintenance roads. The somewhat rocky terrain of the trails makes them off-limits for bikers, but there's still plenty to see elsewhere in the park. You can simply plan a meal at… Read more…

Make Fish Attack Sushi House Near Eaves Rancho Penasquitos Your Go-To Sushi Spot


You're driving home from work and you know you want sushi, but you don't know where to get it. There are a handful of sushi restaurants near Eaves Rancho Penasquitos, but it's not always easy to find one that serves fresh, tasty seafood on a regular basis. Give Fish Attach Sushi House a try and it might just become your go-to sushi spot. This San Diego establishment offers an extremely large menu so picky eaters will the pleased. Indecisive diners, though, might have some trouble. If that's the case, ask the staff for suggestions; they'll be glad to point you in the right direction. There's a wide variety of classic sushi, maki, and sashimi here, but the specialty rolls are all the talk. The sushi pizza roll is a big hit as well as the hot kiss roll,… Read more…

Venissimo Cheese: A Celebration of Cheese, Not Far From Eaves Rancho Penasquitos


Gina, the owner of Venissimo Cheese in San Diego, is known as a "cheese whiz." Since opening her first Venissimo location in Mission Hills 10 years ago, she has educated herself so extensively that she's able to rattle off the stats of any of the 2,000 cheeses available in any of her four shops, giving the country of origin, type of milk used, how the cheese was produced, and the best wine and food pairings. Since Eaves Rancho Penasquitos is just a short drive away, it would be a no-brainer to make Venissimo your go-to cheese shop. The San Diego location is tiny but well-organized, and the staffers are just as well-versed on the subject of cheese as Gina herself. They're happy to offer samples and give suggestions according to your needs. Customers appreciate the fact that detailed… Read more…

Basic: Dine on Creative Pizzas and Sip Cocktails From Mason Jars Near Eaves Rancho Penasquitos


The historic warehouse where San Diego's Basic lives lends itself to a chic, contemporary atmosphere. It's roughly 100 years old and shows off soaring ceilings, massive garage doors, and walls of exposed brick. Yet the setting is still overshadowed by the pizza and cocktails served here. That's because the thin-crust pies are fashioned after New Haven's pizzas and scattered with outlandish ingredients. You can get a pizza with anything from mashed potatoes to sun-dried tomatoes on top. Pair your pie with a glass of wine, pint of beer, or an artisanal cocktail. The skilled barkeeps at Basic have a real knack for crafting classic cocktails perfectly—but they serve them in mason jars. making the cocktails feel distinctly hip and current. What's more, the warehouse space lends itself to live music and art shows, both of which you'll often… Read more…

Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine: Healthy, Exotic Eats near Eaves Rancho Penasquitos


Driven by the flavors of Persia and the Mediterranean region at large, chefs at Sufi Mediterranean Cuisine recreate some traditional dishes in an authentic way — all in the heart of San Diego. Just a stone's throw from Eaves Rancho Penasquitos, Sufi serves up some wildly popular, outlandish eats that are innately healthy, since the Mediterranean diet avoids unhealthy fats and most red meat. One favorite dish is the chicken koobideh. This classic Mediterranean dish consists of chunks of ground chicken breast, skewered and char-broiled until the meat becomes perfectly tender and moist. Customers also love the Sunday brunch buffet, which allows them to pick and choose bits and pieces of Mediterranean fare to sample. No matter when you choose to visit, however, chances are live performers will be entertaining on the stage. Even when they aren't, the… Read more…