5 Spring sports to try

Spring sports

With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to head outside for a little fresh air and activity. If you’re tired of running the same old trails, or negotiating traffic with your bike, check out the ideas below.

  1. Kickball. Like baseball, but with your feet, kickball is an easy way to get active. And, you probably already know the rules from gym class, which makes it even easier.. With all levels of competition, kickball offers something for everyone, with serious competitive leagues to casual pickup games. If you haven’t joined a kickball group or team yet, you’re in for a fun time. The ball is the great equalizer of talents: it can bounce unpredictably, making even the most athletic players fumble occasionally.
  2. Ultimate Frisbee. If you ever get bored of just throwing a flying disc around, give Ultimate a whirl. This sport combines the nonstop action of soccer with the big-play excitement of football, for a fast-paced game that anyone can play. When you have the frisbee in your hands, you can’t run, which makes the sport all the more challenging. The rules are easy to pick up, and make for a fun afternoon in the park. Perhaps best of all, Ultimate is great exercise, but is considered a low-contact sport, so it’s safe for beginners.
  3. Soccer. The beautiful game, as it is known around the world, is perhaps the simplest, best workout you will find on this list. All you really need is a ball, some space, and a few willing participants; goals can be imagined just about anywhere. There’s no need to worry about strict rules or regulations — the essence and joy of this sport comes from staying in constant motion and using teamwork to achieve victory.
  4. Tennis. It seems like these days a tennis court is never too far away, so why not give this sport a shot? Graban inexpensive racket and a can of balls from your local sporting goods or second hand store. Grab a friend and start off easy and see how long you can hit the ball back and forth or take a few lessons to learn the basics. From there, gradually adopt the various functions of the sport until you can serve, volley, and backhand with consistency.
  5. Badminton. The physics and rules of this sport really make it one that everyone should try. Between the lightness of the racket and the way the shuttlecock, or “birdie” floats through the air, you have a sport that can be challenging or relaxing. Badminton sets usually come with a few rackets, plenty of birdies, and even a net, meaning you won’t have to spend a fortune on special equipment.


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