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5 toning workouts for the pool

Since you’re probably going to spend most of your summer snapping selfies at the pool anyway, might as well squeeze in a workout while you’re there. Transform the pool into your ultimate fitness tool this summer by bringing a foam noodle along and running through these resistance moves. Bonus points… Read more

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6 must have pieces of dog hiking swag

When you have enough time to get out of the gym grind and hit the open trail instead, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your pup a little extra exercise, too. He’ll be thrilled to explore and enjoy Mother Nature, and you’ll get your workout at the same time. Plus,… Read more

Wandern mit Hund

Things to Pack When Hiking with your Dog

The sun at their back; the wind in their fur; the fresh mountain breezes on their wet little noses. It’s no wonder why pups love going on woodland hikes with their owners. But before they do, those owners have to adequately prepare for the trek. Here are six essentials you… Read more

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5 interesting pool workouts

With the summer sun beating down, working out outdoors can be a difficult and sweaty endeavor. That is, unless you can jump right in the pool afterwards. Or, even better, do the entire workout in the pool. Here are five exercises you can complete without ever leaving the water, which… Read more

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Lunch hour workouts

When you can’t spend a full hour at the gym, you can still cram at least a little movement into your routine—you’ll just have to sacrifice half of your lunch break. Here are three workouts you can do in 30 minutes or less at your office’s gym, in your own… Read more