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8 things for your kid’s summer bucket list

If you dread the last day of school—AKA the last day for three months that you don’t hear the phrase, “I’m bored,” on an hourly basis—perhaps it’s time to start working on your game plan for this summer. Summer break can be a great time to bond with your child… Read more


6 oven-free summer meals

Now that the sun has started to show its face for more than a few hours a day, the last thing you want to do is spend the hours after work slaving away in the kitchen. You probably don’t want to fire up your oven, either, or the A/C will… Read more

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3 Books becoming movies this summer

When you read a book, you automatically write a movie script in your head. You decide exactly how each character looks, based on the author’s description. You construct mental images of the various settings in your head. You decide how each player’s voice sounds and what type of inflection they… Read more


Summer Decorating Ideas

Summer means Snapchats of sundresses and pics of new strappy sandals. But the season isn’t strictly about how you embellish yourself—it’s also about how you dress up your apartment. Your wardrobe changes with the temperature, after all, so your apartment should too. Here are a few ways you can up… Read more


10 ways to stay in shape while traveling

Whether you’re constantly traveling for work or always on the go visiting friends around the world, being able to travel is one of the perks of being a young professional. You shouldn’t sacrifice that just because you want to stay in shape. After all, if you don’t travel, how will… Read more