Chocolate chip cookies

5 Secrets of Fun Families (Make Every Day Special)

Too often, people fall into the trap of taking their family for granted. It’s easy to do. After all, you spend every day with them—some people spend the majority of the day with them. It might be difficult to envision life without them. If you were to stop and think… Read more

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5 Must-Haves for Apartment Pets

Introducing a pet to your apartment shouldn’t be a stressful experience; it should be a fun and exciting one. If you’re unprepared for his arrival, however, there’s a chance the big housewarming could deteriorate into chaos. So before you bring a new puppy or kitten home, make sure you have… Read more

yellow cab

Cab or Uber? Travel Tips in a New City

Whether you’re just visiting or making a permanent move, navigating a new city is overwhelming. Each city has its own unique way of getting residents from point A to point B, so even if you’ve mastered the Metro in DC, the T in Boston might still be a challenge for… Read more

Miso soup

A Quick Guide to Cooking Tofu

If you’ve been meaning to participate in #MeatlessMondays, but haven’t found the right recipe to launch your part-time vegetarianism, consider one that stars tofu. The soy-based ingredient might seem intimidating. After all, it’s one thing to eat tofu when it’s been prepared at a vegan diner or trendy brunch spot…. Read more

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Creating a Chore Chart for Your Kids

Getting kids to do their chores can be like pulling teeth—especially if you aren’t offering the right incentives. Chore charts not only help to equally divide the responsibilities, they also make the entire process more fun. Just getting to refer to a colorful chart to see what’s on his plate… Read more