How to make the most of your apartments fitness center

How to make the most of your apartment’s fitness center

Drinking in fresh air while you workout may be a good motivator, but when the weather doesn’t cooperate, it’s not a practical option. You could spend a chunk of your hard-earned paycheck on a membership at a gym, but it’s going to be easy to find an excuse to skip… Read more

5 things to make your treadmill time less boring

5 things to make your treadmill time less boring

If you prefer a long, leisurely run in the summer sun to plodding along on the treadmill at the gym, you’re not alone. But the reality is that as the temperatures drop in the chillier autumn months, it’s difficult (and at times, even dangerous) to drag yourself outside for a… Read more

The unplugging challenge

The Unplugging Challenge

Once upon a time, people spoke face-to-face instead of screen-to-screen. You learned about what was going on with a friend over a cup of coffee, not over Facebook or Instagram. You celebrated with loved ones by sending them a congratulatory note or swinging by with a gift, not hitting “like.”… Read more

30 day challenges to pick from

20 30-day challenges to pick from

Just because New Year’s Day has come and gone doesn’t mean that it’s too late to set a goal for 2018. Why not try a 30-day challenge? Four weeks is long enough time to create a new habit that lasts, and it’s brief and attainable enough that you should be… Read more

Walking outdoor trails

How to get back into working out outdoors in the spring

As we begin to thaw out from a long, cold winter, many of us look forward to spending time in warmer weather. If you enjoy exercising outside, the anticipation could lead you to rush back into action too quickly.. Not only can this result in burnout, it can also result… Read more