Spring sports

5 Spring sports to try

With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to head outside for a little fresh air and activity. If you’re tired of running the same old trails, or negotiating traffic with your bike, check out the ideas below. Kickball. Like baseball, but with your feet, kickball is an easy way to… Read more

Healthy soup

7 Tips to shedding winter weight

When the winter chill moves in, your body goes into hibernation mode. That means you’re more apt to take an afternoon nap,fill up on heavy comfort foods, and to choose the warmth of your apartment over the bitter cold outside—which stands between you and the gym. Compound this with the… Read more

Indoor workouts

How to stay active – even when it’s raining

If you planned to exercise outside but it’s raining, do you give yourself a free pass to sit this one out? Going for a run or playing a sport in the rain is not the best idea, so stay dry and take your workout indoors. Here are a few ideas!… Read more

woman on the phone

Social media accounts that will inspire you to be healthy

It’s one thing to say you’re going to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but it’s another thing to actually do it. The truth is that getting and staying on the healthiest path is not an easy thing to practice every day. One of the keys to sticking with it is to… Read more

woman working out

6 Lifehacks to keep your workout routine

Having a workout routine can do wonders for your health. To maximize this effect, though, you really have to stick with it. Below are six great ways you can stay committed to your workout regimen. 1) Set small, achievable goals. Saying you want to drop five pants sizes or be… Read more