Social media accounts that will inspire you to be healthy

woman on the phone

It’s one thing to say you’re going to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but it’s another thing to actually do it. The truth is that getting and staying on the healthiest path is not an easy thing to practice every day. One of the keys to sticking with it is to have plenty of inspiration around you.  That’s where social media can help.  Here are seven popular accounts from Twitter and Instagram to inspire you to live your healthiest each and every day.

@Greatist. Whether you need a little health boost in terms of cooking, working out, or keeping a positive outlook, this Twitter can be a great addition to your feed. Check out their GWOD, or Greatist Workout of the Day, for a unique workout each day.

@Fitnessista.  Gina Harney is a blogger, professional exercise instructor and mom who gives a well-rounded into balancing life, fitness, and happiness. Content focuses on meals, workouts, and inspiration messaging.

Fitmencook (Snapchat). You can follow his instagram, if you want; but his snapchat’s even more fun and in the moment. Both are full of tips to make meals that don’t compromise — on taste or focused nutrition.

@Mynameisjessamyn. Curated by Jessamyn Stanley, a yoga teacher and advocate for the body positivity movement, yo@Mynameisjessamyn offers yoga tips and educational content related to new yoga flows, poses and techniques.

@Mikaelareuben. Mikaela Reuben is a chef and nutrition consultant to the stars. Expect gorgeous photos of greens, noodle bowls, and tons of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables. Mikaela has an eye for beautiful landscapes, and every place she visits seems to radiate with sunshine, making this a great account for boosting your own happiness.

blogilates (Snapchat). This popular pilates coach has recipes, workout plans to fit any life, and exercises for every level of interest. You can follow her on Snapchat or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

@Thebodycoach. Joe Wicks develops health and exercise plans designed to help boost your fitness and maintain your motivation. Check out delicious, healthful recipes and motivating success stories.

@Emilyskyefitness. If your workout routine is starting to feel a bit boring, this Instagram will be perfect for you. Emily Skye posts videos of whole body workout routines for any fitness level with easy to follow instructions.

@Kris_Carr. This New York Times bestselling author has the quotes, articles and insights to push through extra tough days. Content is vegan and vegetarian based, with an abundance of recipes.

dwaynejohnson (Snapchat). You’ll hear the word “Focus!” a lot. But if you’re looking for inspiration for bodybuilding results (with a little humor), The Rock’s snapchat is a good place to go.