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5 affordable kitchen gadgets to maximize your meals

Whipping up a gourmet meal in the kitchen is a soothing way to unwind for some, but for others, it just brings extra stress to the day. If you don’t have the right kitchen tools, that stress is compounded. But the good news is that tools exist that can make… Read more

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4 time saving slow cooker recipes

If you’ve ever thrown together a peanut butter sandwich or lackluster salad for lunch before rushing out the door in the morning, then you know what a relief it is when you realize you already have a meal ready to go in the fridge. But packing your lunch the night… Read more

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4 dinner recipes that make great leftovers

Pizza. Stir fry. Mac and cheese. Some dinners just taste better the next morning. And yet, leftovers are usually an afterthought. But if you’re wondering what you’re going to eat for lunch this week, maybe you should make leftovers your top priority. We can help you get started. Here are… Read more

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5 teas to satisfy your sweet tooth

At the end of a long hard day and a chilly winter commute, you deserve to treat yourself to something sweet. Cookies and candy always seem to add up too fast, so instead, arm yourself with some guilt-free teas inspired by dessert. They’re tasty enough to calm your sweet tooth… Read more


5 quick and healthy lunches to help make good food decisions

Eating healthy is always a good idea; but sometimes it seems inaccessible. But if you start with the right ideas and the right stuff in your fridge, each step gets successively easier. Here’s a few recipes to help you get started. Greek chopped pita salad. The same old garden salad… Read more