Arms up!

Yoga Tips that Won’t Bend You Out of Shape

Everyone has that one person in their squad who is obnoxious about fitness. Workout OOTD selfies; spin class check-ins; Instas of every hike—you know who we’re talking about. But if their Snap story is actually inspiring FOMO, not eye-rolling, maybe it’s time to join them on their quest. One of… Read more

man with smartphone exercising on treadmill in gym

Top Health Apps to Get You Moving

In an era when binge-watching the latest Netflix series is most people’s go-to form of weekend entertainment, technology has moved in on time that used to be spent getting some fresh air and exercise. But somewhere along the way, the makers of that technology realized the shift and started creating… Read more


How to Make Your Space More Personal (Surround Yourself with You)

Anyone can copy a Pinterest design scheme: DIY lace curtains, distressed coffee table, pitchers masquerading as vases. Creating a space that truly evokes your individual personality is a much harder task. But considering you probably spend the majority of your time at home—especially if your squad tends to hang at… Read more

50s Diner

How to go retro 50s diner inspired style

Once you’re living in a post-college apartment, the kitchen becomes more than just a place to slurp down cereal or bake a frozen pizza. It becomes a sort of sanctuary where you can unwind after a long day of work, drink a bottle of wine and try out a new… Read more