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Home First Aid Kit Essentials

Whether it’s a papercut or a bee sting, minor medical emergencies happen at home every day. More often than not, they don’t really require a trip to the doctor or ER. But in order to avoid these unnecessary trips, you do have to have a few basic tools at home… Read more

Creative Storage

Get Creative With Your Storage

Every square inch counts when you’re living in an apartment. Whether it’s the area under a shelf in your pantry or a corner that doesn’t quite seem to fit anything, unused space is a total waste when you only have a limited amount to begin with—especially in terms of storage…. Read more

bathing dog

DIY Grooming Tips

If you don’t have time to constantly run your dog to the groomer, or just want to save some money, there is another option: DIY a grooming sesh at home. Although you may want to refer to a professional when it comes time for a haircut, most of the basic… Read more


Community bike rides

With bikeshares popping up in every major city and bike lanes becoming the status quo, practicing sustainability on your commute to work is easier than it’s ever been. Combine biking to work with buying local and organic produce, drinking only responsibly raised coffee, and buying most of your clothing secondhand,… Read more


A quick guide to cooking tofu

Unless you’re a lifelong vegetarian, tofu probably freaks you out a little. It’s one thing when the city’s best vegan chef fries it up and stuffs it in a sandwich for you, but actually making tofu at home can be intimidating. That doesn’t mean you should steer clear, though. Once… Read more