Apartment Entertaining


Tips to throw a party in your community’s amenity space

If you want to throw a party, but don’t have the space in your apartment to do so, there’s a convenient solution — use your community’s amenity space. You don’t have to worry about stashing away delicate and valuable belongings or confining your pets, and there will be less cleanup… Read more

singing in car

How to prepare everything for a road trip

Traveling by airplane or train is quicker, but there’s nothing quite like a road trip. Seeing the US from a car gives you the freedom to pull over and snap photos or take a last-minute detour if something catches your eye. But if you don’t prepare for it in the… Read more

Endless Party

Tips to survive the endless rotation of holiday parties

The holiday season is a wonderful chance to spend quality time with friends and family, especially those whom you may not to get to see as often. At the same time, the holidays can be draining. With all of the get-togethers and the preparations that go into them, you can… Read more

Holiday Party

Throw the perfect holiday party

Throwing a holiday party is fun, but requires quite a bit of work. The guiding rule here is to always keep your guests in mind; their happiness is your measure of success. For other tips on how to make your next holiday party perfect, check out the guide below. Give… Read more