How to prepare everything for a road trip

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Traveling by airplane or train is quicker, but there’s nothing quite like a road trip. Seeing the US from a car gives you the freedom to pull over and snap photos or take a last-minute detour if something catches your eye. But if you don’t prepare for it in the right way, your road trip could become a disaster pretty quickly. Avoid that by taking the following things into account both before and during your trip.

Figure out where you’re going. The idea of getting lost might sound fun, but it won’t be if you run out of gas and can’t find the next station. Scrutinize several routes before you leave to figure out the best one to take. Don’t completely rely on the GPS on your phone — bring tangible maps in the event that you can’t get online.

Make overnight accommodations before you leave. Determine about how long you want to drive every day and decide where to stay overnight. Reserve your room in advance if possible because it will be one less thing to worry about on the drive.

Decide if you’ll be bringing your pet.  If so, you need to make sure both your pet and the vehicle you’re traveling in are ready for each other. Fluffy will need to stay crated during this time, and they may not like that. If the signs are pointing to leaving them home, be sure to find someone, either a professional or a friend, who can take care of them while you’re gone.

Be safe. Check and double check that your apartment is locked up before you leave. Unplug appliances and ask a neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your place while you’re gone. Don’t broadcast on social media that you’re leaving your home unattended. Most importantly, get the vehicle you’re traveling in tuned up before you put all those hard miles on it.

Make meals a fun part of the journey. Convenience store raids can be fun in a pinch, but you don’t want those hot dogs to be your main form of sustenance during the trip. Use an app like Yelp to figure out where the best places to eat are along your route, and hit those up! Sample regional delicacies, enjoy the local breweries, and eat like a traveller.

Don’t forget about the games and music! There’s no question about it: a huge portion of time during your trip is going to be spent in the vehicle. Instead of sleeping, make sure you and your fellow roadtrippers bring plenty of things to keep everyone occupied. Make mixtapes and playlists to listen to, or get absorbed in a podcast or an audio book. Trivia games, card games, Twenty Questions and old-school kid’s games like Eye Spy can be fun to play, too.


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