How to Save on Your Energy Bill Without Impacting Comfort

Going green doesn’t just mean committing to recycling and composting. It also involves taking steps to decrease your energy consumption and, as a result, the carbon footprint you leave on the earth. Many people associate less energy with a chilly apartment in the winter or a muggy home in the… Read more


Host a party on a common area sundeck

When you live in an apartment complex, there are some tradeoffs for the convenience and social aspects of that lifestyle. For one thing, you share several spaces. The laundry room, the parking lot, perhaps even a patio or rooftop deck. Navigating this style of sharing with your neighbors can be… Read more


Coolest Outdoor Music Devices

When the sun is shining and the air is warm, it’s a shame to keep the party inside. Thanks to the recent advances in portable speakers, you no longer have to. Once upon a time you had to make sure you had good radio reception or a desktop computer nearby… Read more


5 Impressive and Unusual Grill Recipes

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