5 treats that will make Thanksgiving fun for your furry friend

5 treats that will make Thanksgiving fun for your furry friend

By the time Thanksgiving Day actually rolls around, you’re probably drooling over the prospect of a plateful of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. But what about your pup? He shouldn’t be left out of the Turkey Day celebrations. Whip up a few pet-friendly courses, including these treats, so that your… Read more

Outdoor Pet Safety

5 things everyone forgets about outdoor pet safety

Now that the earth is starting to thaw for spring, you and your furry friend can finally get back into a routine with your trips outside. You can pack away those puppy sweaters and break out the canine rain boots instead. Spring brings its own set of problems for pets,… Read more

dog laying in field

How to keep your pet safe in the hot summer sun

Spending time outdoors with your pet is one of the joys of spring and summer, but prolonged exposure to heat can be dangerous for your furry companion. Animals deal with heat differently than humans, so temperatures that feel comfortable to us can be too much for your pet. Dehydration and… Read more

dog tilting head

What is my dog saying to me? A guide to canine body language

Happiness, confusion, stress, excitement — dogs express these emotions and more through body language, but humans don’t always catch the messages they’re trying to send. Think of dog body language like any other foreign language. Once you get acquainted with a dog’s signals and postures, you’ll better understand their feelings… Read more

dog with head out the car window

How can I bring my pet on a road trip

Road trips can be so much fun. There’s nothing quite like taking an extended period of time to experience the open roads of America. However, if you have a pet, you’ll have to decide whether to board the animal while you’re away or take them along. If you choose to… Read more