How to pick the right diet and stick to it

Making the decision to eat healthier and actually doing it consistently are two very different things. It’s easy to get excited about a new fad diet, throw out all the sugary foods in your pantry, and whip up a week’s worth of green smoothies. But on day three of drinking… Read more

Finding me time: the ultimate challenge

In the fast-paced modern world, it’s hard to find a moment uninterrupted by the ping of a device, let alone a solid half-hour of solitude to focus entirely on yourself. But just because it’s difficult doesn’t make finding me time any less important. In fact, it might mean some quiet… Read more

Planning a party in an apartment common area

When you’re planning to host a bash that’s too big for your own apartment, there’s an alternative venue right in your building: the shared lounge or clubhouse. There are lots of perks to keeping your party “in-house,” so to speak, especially if you prize convenience. However, before you welcome your… Read more

Picking party decorations you can keep around and use again

Anyone who’s ever thrown a party knows that one of the most difficult aspects of playing host is cleaning up afterward. If you’re like most party hosts, you probably drop a lot of cash on disposable decorations, dishes, and utensils only to toss them in the trash. True, this is… Read more

Fun spring party cocktails

Now that winter has begun to melt into a distant memory, it’s time to gear up for spring. From your wardrobe to your apartment decor, just about everything in your life requires a seasonal update. That includes your list of go-to cocktail recipes. If you’re hosting a happy hour at… Read more