Chocolate-covered strawberries

6 Easy Valentine’s Day treats

When the calendar turns to February, most people naturally zoom in on the 14th. We all want to do something for our loved ones on Valentine’s Day, but with busy schedules and limited budgets, it can be hard to come up with the perfect gift. Baking is a great way… Read more

Valentine's Day cocktails

4 Fun Valentine’s Day cocktails to try

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, for sure. But it’s also closely tied to great meals and tasty beverages, which explains why you have such a hard time making reservations so close to the date. Dining is not the main focus of the holiday, but having the right elements when… Read more

Fancy apartment dinner

5 Things to get for a special Valentine’s Night In

If the idea of dressing up in uncomfortable clothing and braving a crowded fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day sounds like torture to you and your significant other, don’t worry. There’s an alternative: just stay home. Snuggle up in something cozy and enjoy the company of your sweetheart in the comfort… Read more

Writing a romantic letter

Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas for procastinators

Check your calendar right now. Is it close to the most romantic time of the year? Valentine’s Day has a way of sneaking up on all of us, but it seems like the procrastinators are the most surprised by this holiday. When you’ve waited too long to make ideal Valentine’s… Read more

Friends eating dinner together

7 Things to do if you don’t have a Valentine

For those in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can’t come soon enough. It’s a solid 24 hours of being showered with chocolates, flowers, and extra affection. But the celebration does leave out those without a valentine. Instead of wallowing in your singledom this year, reclaim Valentine’s Day by enjoying one of… Read more