How to stay active – even when it’s raining

Indoor workouts

If you planned to exercise outside but it’s raining, do you give yourself a free pass to sit this one out? Going for a run or playing a sport in the rain is not the best idea, so stay dry and take your workout indoors. Here are a few ideas!

Try a workout video. You don’t have to own a DVD player when you can stream any number of workout videos to your television, laptop, or smartphone. YouTube offers thousands of free workout videos across almost every style of fitness routine. Other subscription-based apps, like DailyBurn or Jillian Michaels, offer some free content with most of it available to subscribers only. Subscribing is something to consider — the financial investment could act as an incentive for you to use the apps on a regular basis, raining or not.

Create an indoor circuit routine. There are many ways to use your own indoor space for a workout. Try exercises that create resistance using only your body weight and gravity and develop a circuit around your apartment. From doing high kicks or jumping jacks in your bedroom, to doing crunches and planks on your living room floor, you can design a personal routine that doesn’t require much space or equipment, but will still give you an excellent workout. If you want to increase the intensity even more, try strength training exercises using furniture and other items from around the house.

Crank out some chores. Believe it or not, cleaning can actually be a great way to work out. This is especially true if you try to get it done as quickly as possible. Turn it into a game! Time yourself running through those weekly chores, then see if you can beat your mark the next time the clouds roll around. To mix things up, add in some of the circuit training from above between tasks. If you’re really not in the cleaning mood, perhaps a little organizing, rearranging or redecorating is in the cards for you. Moving the furniture around, changing the curtains, and hanging up new art on your walls will not only help you break a sweat, but also make you feel great about your home.

Have a dance party! If all else fails, just throw on some tunes and get down. Dancing is a wonderful way to exercise, and a sure bet for a fun time. Whether you decide to jam out by yourself, or invite friends over for an impromptu party, you will get a great workout so long as you keep on moving to the groove.

These are just a few ideas to keep the rainy day blues away with body-friendly movement. Don’t let those raindrops get you down!


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