awesome and simple diy collage

5 Awesome and Simple D.I.Y’s

Summer is here and these long days are perfect for getting together with a group of friends in your AVA apartment and enjoying some simple and fun DIY projects. These five DIY projects found on Pinterest are perfect for an afternoon of crafting and fun. They are inexpensive, easy, and… Read more

Green Apartment Living

Apartment Living: How to Be Green in Your Space

Everyone wants to go green, but apartment dwellers are sometimes afraid because they feel that they have to make intrusive and permanent changes to the space. No more fears, today there are many simple things that one can do to make sure their apartment is as healthy as can be.

Folk Fibers Natural Dyes

Creating Colorful (and Natural!) Clothing Dyes

Have you thought about revamping a plain old t-shirt, tote bag or boring duvet cover with colorful dyes? It can be done inexpensively and without the use of harsh dyes full of chemicals. This project is so simple, cheap and its tons of fun to experiment with. You can try… Read more