Comfortable, flattering workout gear you can take to the gym

workout gear

Working out is not meant to be a fashion show, but with the right clothes, you’ll actually want to get to the gym and show your style. Feeling good about how you look can help motivate you to work out more, and as a result, help you reach new levels of strength and endurance. Here, we’ve compiled several workout wardrobe ideas combining comfort and style for your next gym visit.

Leggings or joggers. The “athleisure” clothing trend is certainly hot these days, and leggings and joggers are a core element of the look. A pair of these can work on just about anyone, and with so many designs and color schemes to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair (or three) you’ll want to live in.

A lightweight shirt. There’s nothing wrong with your collection of free cotton t-shirts, but they can feel heavy and cold on your body during and after a vigorous workout. Shirts designed to wick sweat are far more comfortable. If you’ve had problems in the past regarding the way the material clings to your body, know there are many different kinds of cuts available created to flatter diverse body types.

A warm up jacket. Pro athletes always start their pre-game rituals in a light jacket, so why shouldn’t you? Gyms can be a little cool before you get your heart rate up, so it pays to have a long-sleeve option for the start of your routine. Throw it on after your workout, too; it will help your muscles return to a normal temperature slowly, which can reduce soreness.

A sneaker that suits your style, and fits your foot. Working out is about blending form and function, and your footwear should do the same. Everyone loves a sneaker that fits their own personal aesthetic, but it’s crucial to select a pair in the right size. Uncomfortable feet can seriously derail a workout, and can lead to blisters or other problems that might cause you to suspend your exercise plan. So, head to a brick-and-mortar retailer that has professionals who can analyze your gait and recommend some sneaks that offer substance as well as style.

Shorts that feel right. Eventually, you will probably get too warm to continue wearing long pants to the gym. Switch them out in the spring and summertime for pairs of shorts that feel right to you. Opt for a fun pattern or flashy color, or if you’re looking for a shade that will always flatter, black is a good bet. Some people looking for added compression on their leg muscles may want to choose pairs made with Lycra or spandex, but this is a matter of personal preference. Mesh is a good look on everyone, but remember to select a size that is neither too long or too short, as it could get in the way of an effective workout.

With these five items, you can waltz into your gym with confidence and bang out your workout like a boss!


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  • February 23rd, 2018
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