Apartment Entertaining


How to Create a Guest Room When You Don’t Have the Space

Technology has made traveling easier in some ways. You can keep track of your flight on your smartphone, figure out the fastest way to get to the hotel on your tablet, check in for a flight on your laptop. But more advanced technology also means a longer time waiting in… Read more


The Outside Just Outside Your Door – New York Edition

The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. The City So Nice, They Named It Twice. New York City goes by many names, and yet none of them mention its opportunities for outdoor recreation. Anyone who lives here knows that that’s a pretty big oversight. The Big Apple may be… Read more


The Outside Just Outside Your Door – DC Metro Edition

Whether you live right in the beating heart of Washington, DC or somewhere in the sprawling suburbs of Virginia and Maryland that surround the nation’s capital, you’re not far away from some outdoorsy recreation. You won’t have to travel far to explore iconic monuments in the fresh air, go for… Read more


Host a party on a common area sundeck

When you live in an apartment complex, there are some tradeoffs for the convenience and social aspects of that lifestyle. For one thing, you share several spaces. The laundry room, the parking lot, perhaps even a patio or rooftop deck. Navigating this style of sharing with your neighbors can be… Read more