Must have travel gadgets that fit in the palm of your hand (and a single drawer)


Technology has made traveling easier in some ways. You can keep track of your flight on your smartphone, figure out the fastest way to get to the hotel on your tablet, check in for a flight on your laptop. But more advanced technology also means a longer time waiting in the security line and crowds surrounding every available electrical outlet in the airport. Use modern technology to your advantage by using these gadgets the next time you travel:

  • Pebble Smartstick – When you’re killing time at the airport or train station, chances are you’re going to be checking your Facebook compulsively on your phone. That’s going to take a toll on your battery. And if it’s a busy morning at the airport, all of the electrical outlets nearby are probably already spoken for. You don’t need them anyway if you have a Pebble Smartstick. This teensy device packs enough juice to recharge your phone, camera, or handheld video game as long as you can charge it via a USB port.
  • Digital luggage scale – Every airline has weight restrictions when it comes to luggage. Although many don’t enforce the restrictions for carry-on items, you can bet on the fact that your checked luggage will be weighed-and you’re going to incur an exorbitant fee if it’s overweight. Make sure your checked baggage is well within the weight guidelines with your own digital luggage scale. There are many inexpensive models that are small enough to stow in a corner of your dresser drawer. Just hook the handle of your suitcase to the scale and then lift to get a quick digital reading of its weight.
  • Mini Wi-Fi router – If you’ve ever struggled through the frustrating process of connecting to hotel Wi-Fi, then gadgets like the Apple Airport Express are going to be your new best friend. You can hook the AirPort Express right up to the ethernet cable provided by your hotel and, instead of dealing with the hotel’s own spotty Wi-Fi, you make your own much more reliable network.
  • Plug adapter with USB – When you’re traveling out of the country, it’s essential to have a power adapter in order to avoid blowouts when you go to plug in your cell phone charger. Look for a versatile version of the gadget, like this Mudder Universal All-in-One International power adapter. It’s compatible with outlets in more than 150 countries, including Europe and Australia. In addition to providing you with a grounded power outlet, it also has a pair of USB ports that you can use to plug in your phone or tablet charger.
  • Trackstick – Okay, so a pedometer might not exactly be a must-have, but it’ll certainly make your trip much more interesting. And the Trackstick II is much more than a pedometer. It has 4 MB of storage, so it can keep track of your steps for weeks and weeks. When you have time to plug it into your computer, the Trackstick collaborates with Google Earth to map out your entire journey in a web of red lines, denoting each leg of your journey.

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