How to Create a Guest Room When You Don’t Have the Space


Technology has made traveling easier in some ways. You can keep track of your flight on your smartphone, figure out the fastest way to get to the hotel on your tablet, check in for a flight on your laptop. But more advanced technology also means a longer time waiting in the security line and crowds surrounding every available electrical outlet in the airport. Use modern technology to your advantage by using these gadgets the next time you travel:

  • Buy a futon or air mattress – First things first: you need somewhere for your out-of-towners to sleep. If you have the room and the budget, opt for a futon, daybed, or sleeper sofa. These multi-purpose pieces have fluid functions, so you can use them for seating on a typical day and convert them into sleeping space when you have a guest staying overnight. If you can’t incorporate one of these elements into your apartment, invest in a high quality air mattress that can easily be packed away.
  • Provide privacy – Even if your makeshift guest room is actually the living room, you should still try to provide the creature comforts of an actual bedroom-including privacy. Set up a folding screen to cordon off part of the space. It can serve to hide their suitcase, create a private changing area, or section off the bed from the rest of the room. You also might want to add an extra layer to any blinds that overlook the street.
  • Add bedroom-y details to the living room – A bedside table and lamp; rod where you can hang clothing; a basket full of extra blankets. These small touches can mean the difference between your guest feeling as though he’s in the way and creating a comfortable, welcoming oasis in the heart of your apartment.
  • Carve out spaces for carry-ons – Not having any place to put a suitcase can stress out a houseguest as soon as she walks in the door. Show that you’ve really thought about her arrival by having some space in the hallway closet for a carry-on or, again, setting up a screen in the living room.
  • Offer towels and toiletries – Always have fluffy towels laid out on the bed when guests arrive or in a basket in the bathroom. You might also want to supply some basic toiletries to make your home feel like a hotel-think mini shampoo bottles and toothpaste.
  • Point out outlets – Modern-day travelers are on the lookout for free electrical outlets from the second they arrive at the airport. Take the pressure off once visitors get to your apartment by directing them to the nearest outlet in their “bedroom” and perhaps even providing a power strip so that they can charge multiple electronics at once.
  • Be a gracious host – Always keep in mind that all of the preparation in the world won’t make any difference if you’re grumbling every time your guest is hogging the bathroom or rolling your eyes at their request for coffee. It’s important to be a gracious host for the entirety of your guests’ stay, despite any inconveniences.

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