Get Creative With Your Storage

Creative Storage

Every square inch counts when you’re living in an apartment. Whether it’s the area under a shelf in your pantry or a corner that doesn’t quite seem to fit anything, unused space is a total waste when you only have a limited amount to begin with—especially in terms of storage. So if you’re looking for creative ways to maximize your storage space at home, here are four ideas to get the wheels turning.

Install open storage. Adding extra storage doesn’t necessarily have to mean lugging a bulky wardrobe into your apartment. There are simple ways to make the most of unused space without accidentally eating up more of it—case in point, open storage. If your lease allows it, installing some open shelving in the bedroom, kitchen, or even the bathroom might be the perfect way to transform useless space into storage space. For example, hang a trio of open crates (decorated to match your style) next to your bed and use them to stow books, knick-knacks, even your alarm clock.

Use the space under your bed. If your under-bed space is currently a haphazard pile of odds and ends that didn’t really fit anywhere else, time to take this space to the next level, organizationally. You don’t have to install an expensive set of customized cabinets and drawers, either. Just invest in some cheap plastic risers for your bed and a set of equally affordable plastic drawers that you can stack or unstack as you wish. Large plastic containers will work well, too, depending on what you intend to keep beneath the bed. The perk of adding the risers is that you might be able to stack two drawers in a single small area, thus adding endless potential for new pairs of shoes or out-of-season clothes.

Tap into every unused square foot. When you’re trying to figure out how to squeeze more storage out of your apartment, chances are you’re totally overlooking viable storage space. You already made use of the area under your bed, so now’s the time to seek out other unexpected sources of extra space. For example, the back of your closet door. There are many types of organizers you can buy for cheap will turn this into usable space, like cloth shoe holders (which work for more than just shoes) or hanging wire baskets. Follow the same line of thought in the kitchen, where you could hang a wire basket from the bottom of pantry shelves and stack light items.

Let furniture pull double duty. There’s some furniture that can serve as multifunctional pieces, which means more hidden storage in your apartment. For example, an ottoman in the living room that opens up to reveal blankets inside. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative, either. Instead of end tables in your living room, you could try small sets of drawers—thus adding a convenient spot for remote controls, electronics, and anything else still floating around your apartment without a permanent home.

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