Top Health Apps to Get You Moving

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In an era when binge-watching the latest Netflix series is most people’s go-to form of weekend entertainment, technology has moved in on time that used to be spent getting some fresh air and exercise. But somewhere along the way, the makers of that technology realized the shift and started creating gadgets that support both binge-watching and physical fitness. Here are five of the top-rated smartphone apps to get you active this summer.

  1. Zombies, Run!. Fans of The Walking Dead, take note. This app doesn’t just track how many miles you run, it keeps you motivated by assigning you a mission. To complete it, you not only have to evade hungry zombies, but also must protect any fellow humans who’ve yet to turn and bring supplies back to base camp. It only took two weeks for this app to become the highest-grossing wellness app on iTunes—despite the fact that it’s free to download—so if you need extra incentive to get moving, Zombies, Run! is probably the app for you.
  2. Nike+ Running. For more traditional exercisers, Nike+ Running offers a simple interface that will keep you motivated with cold, hard facts. It tracks your run, keeping you informed of your speed, distance, and how this run compares to the last using stats and charts. The app will save your runs and compare personal records, and at the end of each, a famous athlete or fitness-minded celeb commends you for your efforts—spoiler alert, sometimes it’s Ellie Goulding. Log a run with this app today to find out who’s on the cheerleading team currently.
  3. MapMyRun is similar to Nike+ Running, but it’s even easier to use for those who aren’t quite as tech-savvy. Using your phone’s GPS, MapMyRun lets you know how far and fast you’ve gone, and it even emails you weekly reports to let you know how you’re doing meeting a certain goal. Other forms of the app include MapMyWalk and MapMyRide, which cater specifically to walkers and cyclists.
  4. Couch to 5K. If you aren’t already a runner, Couch to 5K can help you break into the sport in a safe, healthy way. Instead of launching you headfirst into a grueling running schedule, Couch to 5K gently eases you into a routine, just as its name suggests. Over the course of eight weeks, this app takes non-runners and gets them ready for a 5K with only three simple workouts each week. Even if you’ve never so much as laced up a pair of Brooks, you’ll be ready for your Color Run or Turkey Trot in just two months’ time with this app.
  5. Yoga Wake Up. With all of the aforementioned apps geared toward cardio, Yoga Wake Up incorporates strength training into your day. Even if you’re not already an avid yogi, you can get acquainted with the practice by following these quick 10-minute yoga flow sequences each morning. The app automatically delivers them when you wake up (just input your usual wake-up time), and the sequence changes slightly each day to keep you and your muscles engaged every day.

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  • June 30th, 2016
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