6 Lifehacks to keep your workout routine

woman working out

Having a workout routine can do wonders for your health. To maximize this effect, though, you really have to stick with it. Below are six great ways you can stay committed to your workout regimen.

1) Set small, achievable goals. Saying you want to drop five pants sizes or be able to bench press 250 pounds is a significant, and potentially dangerously unrealistic, goal. It can also feel like climbing a mountain whose summit you can’t see. Instead, set your sights on more attainable goals, like being able to lift five or 10 pounds more than you currently can, or working your way towards running for an extra mile. This will help you make steady improvement, as your progress will feel more tangible, which is always good for staying encouraged.

2) Be happy just to show up. Everyone has a sub-par day now and then. Such a day looks different for everybody, but if you find that for you it’s resulted in a less than stellar workout, try not to feel too negatively about that. Instead, take pride in the fact that you gave it your best shot, or at the very least, tried.

3) Get a training partner. Bringing a social aspect into your routine can work to keep you committed in a few ways. The most obvious one is that If you work out with someone else, you can mutually encourage each other to strive for your goals. The other part of this is the expectation that your partner wants to work out with you and you don’t want to let them down!

4) Choose exercises you enjoy. This one comes in at number 4, but it might actually be the most important tip you’ll see here. If you aren’t enjoying what you do, it can become exceptionally hard to keep doing it.That’s why, in terms of keeping a regular exercise schedule, it’s more important to do the physical activities that you love than to do the ones that magazines or blogs say are en vogue.

5) Commit for a whole month straight. Experts say that doing something every day for a month is a great way to form a habit. If you want hitting the gym and getting through your routine to feel like second nature to you, this is probably the best way to do it. Sure, it takes work, and isn’t much of a shortcut, but it can help you reap the benefits of fitness quicker, and make it feel like less of an effort overall.

6) Remember your victories. In order to keep going, sometimes it helps to be able to look back on how far you’ve come. That’s why it helps to keep some kind of log to track your progress. Log your stats about your workout in a pocket notebook or spreadsheet. Be sure to make the most of technology to this end, as well. With so many fitness trackers out there, you can more or less do this without thinking.

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