Pick a workout buddy that will make you stick with it

We haven’t actually done the math, but we’d guess that having a workout buddy makes you roughly 1000% more likely to exercise regularly than not having a workout buddy. At least, that’s what those couples who work out together religiously (and document every second of it on Facebook) would lead… Read more

Chocolate chip cookies

How to cheat on your diet and get ahead on fitness

If you’ve found recently that you’re feeling fitness FOMO more than fitspo when you look at Instagram, that could mean you’ve been phoning it in when it comes to exercise and wellness. But we all know being healthy is a tricky balance; you don’t want to obsess over every single… Read more

5 cool healthy foods you’ve never heard of

Even if you think your nutrition game is on fleek, there are only so many blogs you can read in a day. Some stuff is probably falling through the cracks, especially since there seems to be a new roster of superfoods circulating around Facebook practically every day. Instead of scouring… Read more

4 rewards to treat yourself to stay motivated

Everyone has that one friend who is constantly giving you fitness FOMO. She Instagrams every early-morning yoga class, tweets about the casual five-mile run she just took, and posts a selfie with her Crossfit coach before you’ve so much as snoozed your cell phone. But one thing that she probably… Read more