5 things to make your treadmill time less boring

5 things to make your treadmill time less boring

If you prefer a long, leisurely run in the summer sun to plodding along on the treadmill at the gym, you’re not alone. But the reality is that as the temperatures drop in the chillier autumn months, it’s difficult (and at times, even dangerous) to drag yourself outside for a run. The treadmill becomes a necessary evil. Here are five ways you can liven up your next treadmill run.


  1. Enlist an app.
    You might think that running apps are strictly for outdoor workouts, but they can actually boost your indoor routine, too. When you’re about to stagger right into slumber on the treadmill, open up Nike+ Run Club. It offers all the basic features you’d expect of a running app, like tracking your distance and pace, but it also boasts extras like guided runs by pro athletes and celebs. You can also try Zombies, Run!—a game in which you’re actually running for your life.
  2. Mix up your strut.
    When you want to stave off boredom and get a better workout in, try doing something different than just running. Incorporate other types of strides while you’re on the treadmill. Try side-galloping at three miles per hour (in the name of safety) for intervals of 30 seconds or tossing in timed intervals of skipping at three or four miles per hour. You can add high-knees or butt-kicks to the rotation.
  3. Blast up-tempo music.
    Many music apps, like Spotify, offer their own playlists customized specifically to the type of workout you’re doing, including running on the treadmill. You can even use the app to measure the rate at which your feet hit the ground and match the beat to a playlist of songs with a similar one. If you prefer to be in charge of your own workout music, design a playlist packed with up-tempo tunes, including but not limited to hip-hop, bubblegum pop, and rap.
  4. Enjoy an audiobook.
    Maybe your feet move faster when your brain is distracted by something else and your body goes on autopilot. In this case, dive into a good book. Reading on the treadmill will either give you a headache or cause you to wipe out, so instead, download an audiobook and listen to a novel. You could also try a trending podcast if none of the current best-sellers appeal to you.
  5. Netflix-binge.
    Another great way to keep your mind off of your weary feet? Launch into a new Netflix series. Download the Netflix or Hulu app on your phone and get lost in the latest season of Black Mirror or dig into a totally new documentary. Pro tip: avoid anything with subtitles (even the trending European crime dramas that have recently filed your Netflix feed). You probably won’t want to stare at your phone for the entirety of your jog, and it’s going to be pretty impossible to keep up with a show in a different language if you aren’t keeping track of the dialog.


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