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 5 Tips to Make Your Household Budget

The art of balancing the checkbook went out the window for most when banks started offering customer accounts online. With it went an essential life skill: knowing how much cash you have to spare at any given time. Budgeting might not be quite as common as it used to be,… Read more

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5 Ways to Make More Room in Your Pantry

Between dozens of spices, a full inventory of canned beans and veggies, and fresh cereal and crackers, it’s no wonder that the average pantry is stuffed to the gills. You might even find your pantry overflowing with food, forcing you to stow the excess in random corners of your kitchen…. Read more

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5 Tips to Ease Culture Shock

Being able to experience a new country and its culture is a great privilege, but it can also come with its challenges. Even after the jet lag abates, you still have to confront a glaring truth: not every country is like the United States—or even close, for that matter. Anyone… Read more

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5 Recycling Tips to Save You Money

There are many reasons to recycle. It protects the environment. It ensures that future generations will have everything they need. It conserves energy and reduces pollution. But even if none of these arguments speak to you personally, there’s one that should: saving money. When you decide to reuse and recycle,… Read more

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5 Music Festivals Everyone Should Attend

Fanny packs have made a comeback thanks to the ever-growing popularity of the music festival. What began as a few isolated events scattered throughout the country in the ’80s and ’90s has exploded into a full-blown musical movement thanks to the power of millennials. In fact, there are now so… Read more