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A Quick Beer Garden Guide For The Washington DC Metro Area

Everyone knows that D.C. is rich in history and culture, but anyone not intimately acquainted with the city might not know that it’s also rich in beer. It’s the kind of craft beer that can drag you out of your apartment in the snow, rain, or sleet. It’s the kind… Read more

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Color Schemes to Brighten Your Apartment

Painting is the easiest way to spruce up a room without pouring massive amounts of time and money into the project. Especially if you live in an apartment, you want to be careful about which hue you choose for your room. Small rooms will look even smaller if you dress… Read more

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Affordable Summer Activities for Kids

When the school calendar is down to one page, kids start getting antsy. The end of the school year is nigh and they can taste it. Before long, you’ll have a houseful of kids on your hands, begging to be entertained—the excitement of summer wears off shortly after the 4th… Read more

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Adding Vintage Items to Your Apartment

History repeats itself, especially in fashion. Take a look around Whole Foods the next time you shop, and the leggings and scrunched socks (maybe even a few scrunchies) will prove this much. Just like runway style, interior design also tends to circle back, transforming pieces previously considered outdated into contemporary… Read more

Seattle Skyline

Add Culture to Your Week with an Art Walk in Seattle

Seattle certainly isn’t lacking in things to do, especially if you’re young and active. One facet of city life that particularly appeals to the younger set: art walks. They not only promote local artists and musicians, but also promote exercise and community. If you’re interested in getting to know your… Read more