8 things for your kid’s summer bucket list

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If you dread the last day of school—AKA the last day for three months that you don’t hear the phrase, “I’m bored,” on an hourly basis—perhaps it’s time to start working on your game plan for this summer. Summer break can be a great time to bond with your child and encourage active, creative fun, instead of just sitting in the A/C on your various devices. Here are eight things you and your kids should put on your bucket list this summer.

  1. Set up a Slip ’N Slide. If you have a friend with a good sliding hill or can find one at a local park, buy and set up a Slip ‘n Slide. There’s no better way to get kids outside than to promise them relief from the heat and zooming down a hill with friends.
  2. Go for a hike. Maybe there’s a state park nearby that you’ve been meaning to explore—now is the perfect time. Do some online research to find a trail that’s suitable for the skill level and ages of your kids, then plan a morning hike complete with snacks and snaps for Facebook.
  3. Make your own ice cream. You don’t actually need an ice cream maker to churn your own sweet, summery treat. A quick Pinterest search will reveal that an old coffee can or even a pair of Ziploc bags can serve as a makeshift ice cream maker. You only need a handful of ingredients too, so ice-cream-crafting is a must-do this summer.
  4. Pack a picnic. If you don’t have any good hiking options nearby, you can still get outdoors by promising the kids a picnic. Turn this into an opportunity for them to learn about healthy eating and allow them to help pack the lunch, then bring a blanket and spread out at a local park. Bonus points if you turn it into a playdate with friends!
  5. Go to a cool museum. Chances are your town has a local museum, at the very least, and there’s no better time to check it out than the summer months. Set up your own field trip to a museum nearby that you think your kids will enjoy, and market it to them as such.
  6. Build a fort. Whether you use sheets and dining room chairs or furniture in the living room, custom-built forts are basically the best place for kids to crawl around and let their imaginations run wild. They can even curl up with a book inside, once the fort-making is complete. Encourage creativity in this way, and don’t worry about the mess—it’s all in the name of staying entertained!
  7. Break out sidewalk chalk. If you have a smooth, safe sidewalk nearby, buy a box or two of sidewalk chalk and let the kids go crazy. Get in there with them and create your own art; they’ll have even more fun if they see that mom or dad is enjoying the sidewalk chalk too.
  8. Tie-dye a new tee. If you have some outdoor space or a park nearby, spend this summer learning how to tie-dye. It’s actually quite simple, just make sure that you dress youngsters in old t-shirts and gloves so they don’t end up with any problematic stains.

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  • May 12th, 2016
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