Summer Decorating Ideas


Summer means Snapchats of sundresses and pics of new strappy sandals. But the season isn’t strictly about how you embellish yourself—it’s also about how you dress up your apartment. Your wardrobe changes with the temperature, after all, so your apartment should too. Here are a few ways you can up the sunshine factor in your space without actually dragging any sand inside.

  1. Thrift or Etsy for accent dishes. You probably already have a favorite secondhand store in your neighborhood, one stocked with vintage pieces just on the verge of coming back into style. If you don’t, Etsy is basically the online equivalent. Both can provide just the colorful addition you need to create a warmer environment in your apartment: summery dishes. Whether you opt for plates with cute polka dots or water glasses with sunny stripes, the fresh place settings might be just what you need to make your place Pinterest-worthy.
  2. Glam up your couch. Unless you just received a killer bonus at work, it’s probably not financially feasible to buy a new couch for every season. What is feasible, though, is buying a new slipcover for every season. You can get a decent one at Target or online for around $100, and summer is the perfect time to debut your sofa’s new hue. See if you can find a linen slipcover so that your couch is dressed weather-appropriately, just like you.
  3. Invite Mother Nature indoors. Whether they are fresh herbs you planted yourself or flourishing flowers, any natural accents that you can transfer indoors will help bring some light to your apartment. That includes, of course, bouquets of fresh blooms and centerpieces stocked with seasonal fruit, but you can also get creative and try to incorporate bamboo, hemp, or jute into your existing design scheme.
  4. Try sheer window panels. When the dreary winter months descend on us, it’s natural to want to curl up under the covers in a cocoon created by blackout curtains. But summer is the time to wake up early for spin class; spend a silly amount of time brewing a pour-over cup of coffee and making gourmet breakfast quinoa; get out of the house and take your dog for a walk before work. So let the light in. Swap out your heavy curtains for sheer window panels and embrace all the sunshine Mother Earth is sending your way.
  5. Seek out fresh prints for your walls. If you already have prints or paintings hanging on the walls, simply replace them with summery portraits that you find on Etsy, Amazon, or at your favorite boutique for knick-knacks. This quick switch will instantly add color and life to your space without much effort or monetary investment on your end. If you aren’t sure what types of prints will look best on your walls and in your Facebook updates, start by looking for large, colorful flowers; graphic prints interspersed with geometric shapes and patterns; or any beachy scene that really speaks to you and connects with your vibe.

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  • May 12th, 2016
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