3 Books becoming movies this summer

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When you read a book, you automatically write a movie script in your head. You decide exactly how each character looks, based on the author’s description. You construct mental images of the various settings in your head. You decide how each player’s voice sounds and what type of inflection they use, when they exclaim and when they whisper. Then when you actually get to see a book translated into a film, you have the opportunity to watch some of the best, most creative minds in Hollywood do all of that for you—and compare the results to your own imagined screenplay. This summer, a handful of beloved written tales will come to the big screen. Here are three you should definitely see.

  1. The Legend of Tarzan, July 1. In Tarzan of the Apes, a classic novel, Tarzan is left in the hands of a family of apes when his own parents perish in the jungle. He grows up right alongside the gentle, regal animals, learning their ways and finding his real home in the jungle. The Legend of Tarzan tackles the tale from a slightly different angle. Tarzan—played by Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood fame—has long since left his wild life behind and settled into a more civilized existence in London. But when he learns that powerful people are threatening his jungle family, Tarzan is compelled to help protect the life that he left behind. With the life of his beloved wife (Margot Robbie) at stake, it’s bound to be a bumpy ride.
  2. The BFG, July 1. Anyone who’s ever had an imaginary friend will be able to relate to the tale of The BFG, which follows protagonist Sophie as she descends into a colorful world of make-believe created by notoriously imaginative author Roald Dahl. One of Dahl’s most beloved children’s books comes to life this summer with bookish Sophie at its center. Having just met her first giant, formally known as the Big Friendly Giant—or BFG for short—Sophie is about to learn that not all giants are created equal. This one simply won’t eat children, as his species has decided he is supposed to—which keeps him on the fringes of his own society. Get to know the gentle giant right alongside Sophie this July.
  3. Nerve, Sept. 16. On the far edge of summer, Nerve, starring Dave Franco and Emma Roberts, is slated to debut. On September 16, a trending YA novel comes to life in this gripping movie. It tells the story of a girl in high school who descends into a dark online world where “watchers,” the name for a creepy virtual community, begin to control her life. Load up on popcorn and candy, because this almost-too-believable thriller is bound to keep you nervous-munching from opening credits to the final scene.

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  • May 12th, 2016
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