6 things to do to actually keep your resolution

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You’ve been at it two weeks already. And if you’re still going, you’ve got 19% of people beat. But how do you keep going until you make it? We’ll tell you.

  1. Think short-term (kinda). If you’re going with the classic “exercise more” New Year’s resolution, you better come up with something more concrete than, “I’ll lose 10 pounds this year.” As soon as a new season of “Downton Abbey” comes out, any motivation you had is going to go right out the window. Instead, come up with a realistic short-term goal that will feed into a long-term goal of getting stronger or healthier. For instance, commit to going to yoga three times a week or doing spin class every Saturday morning. These small steps will get you a lot closer to a #belfie you can be proud of if you stay consistent.
  2. Avoid broad strokes. On a similar note, your resolution should be specific. Resolving to go to the gym regularly, volunteer more, or call your mom on a consistent basis probably won’t get you very far. There’s too much wiggle room in vague resolutions like these. Instead, try something like, “I’ll go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning for an hour,” or, “I’ll call my mom every Sunday afternoon.” Setting more specific goals will help you stay accountable—setting a reminder on your phone could help, too.
  3. Involve your squad. It takes a village to make a New Year’s resolution happen. Or so the old saying goes. So don’t keep your resolution to yourself if you want to actually do it. Tweet it; Facebook it; Snapchat it. Telling your squad, and the world, what you plan to do this year could help guilt you into actually doing it.
  4. Make a resolution buddy. Consider not just telling your resolution to your friends, but making one that you share. Studies have shown that people not only go to the gym more when they have buddy, but they actually perform better. And even if your goal isn’t a workout, sharing in a diet or abstaining from an activity gets easier if you’ve got somebody to share it with.
  5. Set aside the time. Getting to CrossFit every morning requires more than just the drive to get out of bed. You also have to actually have the time to do it. If you know you’re going to be working long hours from now until the end of tax season—or just indefinitely—don’t make a resolution that you can’t keep. You’re never going to be able to work out five times a week and also have a life. Make a realistic resolution, and then budget in the time to make it happen. If it means you have to skip happy hour once a week or bow out of Sunday brunch every other weekend, that’s okay.
  6. Repurpose your time. Not every resolution has to take up time or change your life. If you love to marathon shows, but you need to work out more, set your tablet on the treadmill and get your Netflix fix and workout at the same time. Maybe you want to connect more IRL with your friends, and eat healthier – why not get together one night, cook meals and swap?
  • January 4th, 2016
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