10 New Outdoor Fitness Ideas


When your OOTD Instagrams go from cowl-neck sweaters to crop tops, it’s time to hit the gym harder than ever before. The only problem is actually dragging yourself to the crowded, sweaty gym when the weather is so nice outside. Think about canceling your membership for the season and trying one of these fun outdoor workouts instead.

  1. Rock climbing. If you’ve already been climbing indoors at your gym, maybe it’s time to take your newly developed skills outside. Rock climbing works the entire body and offers ample opportunities for top-of-the-world Snapchats.
  2. SUP yoga. Instead of doing yoga in the park all summer long, push your body to the brink with standup-paddleboard yoga, aka SUP yoga. This practice brings yoga out atop the water, each yogi balanced carefully atop a paddleboard. The perk? If you make a misstep getting into crow pose, you get to cool down in the refreshing water.
  3. When two of the most boring, slow-moving sports converged, they created a surprisingly thrilling hybrid. Frisbee golf, aka Frolf, is probably bigger in your city than you think. Google Frisbee golf courses near you, and you’ll likely find at least a handful. Each course consists of 9 or 18 “holes,” which are actually baskets designed to catch your flying discs. Work your way through the course and see who makes par.
  4. At the intersection of racquetball, badminton, and tennis, there’s Speedminton. You can play anywhere, you’ll just need a speeder (basically a special badminton birdie) and two lightweight racquets. Whip the speeder back and forth until someone misses, then his opponent scores a point.
  5. Trail running. Take a break from your typical route and get out on the trail for a run this summer. Trail running builds strength and endurance in a fresh way thanks to the uneven terrain—plus, you can take your pup along for some fresh mountain air.
  6. Trapeze lesson. If you’ve ever wondered how acrobats stay in such killer shape, you’ll find the answer at a trapeze lesson. Major cities around the country install fresh-air trapezes for the summer season, often right along the water. Sign up for a lesson to practice your flips and strengthen your upper body in the process.
  7. If you already row at the gym, summer is the perfect time to try the real thing out on the water. Search Insta and Facebook to see if any of your friends are already members of rowing groups or classes, or just do a quick search to look for lessons near you.
  8. Remember how much fun you had rolling around on your ‘blades back in the day? It’s still possible to feel that kind of exhilaration while you exercise. Just dust off your rollerblades and hit the paved path nearest you.
  9. Social sports leagues are a great way to get active, enjoy the warm sun, and up your Facebook friend count. In the summery months, consider joining a kickball league. Very little athletic skill is actually required, and a post-game drink at a nearby bar is often part of the package.
  10. If you’re just as concerned about the health of your community as your own health, turn your workout into a time of giving back. Sign up to help clean a local park, build a home through Habitat for Humanity, or even walk dogs at a nearby shelter. Your calories burned will be matched by warm, fuzzy feels from doing a good deed.


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  • May 24th, 2016
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