Create Something Special with Your Old Concert Tickets

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Think back to your first concert. If you’re like some people, there’s a good story associated with the first time you saw your favorite band take the stage. If you’ve accumulated more concert memories and ticket stubs over the years, why not incorporate them into your apartment decor? They’re sure to spark conversation as well as remind you of the carefree times of your not-so-distant youth. Chronicle the evolution of your musical tastes with one of these fun ideas for storing and showcasing them:

  • Make a shadow box. True, Instagramming a video of your favorite band is the fastest way to incite #FOMO in your friends, but you can always DIY a shadow box and hang it in the living room. You can grab a shadowbox for cheap at Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s (this crafter only spent about $9 on hers) and then create a backdrop of any patterned paper you like. Scrawl “Admit One” across the paper, list the names of the performers whose tickets will fill the shadow box, or simply let its splashy pattern shine all on its own. Drop your tickets in the shadow box as they pile up and let it become a major conversation piece in your living room.
  • Stuff a mason jar. Mason jars are some of the most versatile containers. You can transform them into candle holders, can veggies from your garden for the winter, or even make a festive snow globe. But your mason jar will already be occupied if you pull from the inspiration of many Pinteresters who’ve gone before you and display your concert ticket stubs in a cute jar. Set the jar anywhere—make it your dining room centerpiece or a coffee table knick-knack. Just like the shadow box, it’ll be a good conversation starter.
  • Mod Podge coasters. Want to make your concert stubs functional? Then take a leaf out of veteran DIYers book and just apply Mod Podge. You can create coasters by using the translucent glue to stick your old tickets onto ceramic tiles. Follow the lead of Card Store’s crafting blogger, who laid out a tutorial for Modgepodging photos to coasters. It will also work for ticket stubs and any other paper mementos.
  • Frame them. If you want to make sure your friends know precisely how many amazing concerts you’ve attended, then give every ticket equal billing. Create a collage that shows off the full face of every single ticket and stick it inside a cute frame from the thrift store, Target, or a local boutique.
  • Scrapbook them. If you’re just saving tickets so that you can take a trip down memory lane whenever you feel like it, then keep it simple and make a scrapbook. In addition to pasting the stubs into the book, you can also incorporate scrapbooking stickers and colorful paper. You might even want to jot down your favorite memory from the night in curling script and stick that right in the scrapbook alongside your ticket stub and photos.
    • September 23rd, 2015
    • Posted in: DIY